I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tom Chavez.  I am a high-energy/hands-on type of coach.  I believe not only in explaining the fundaments of the game but to demonstrate them as well.  As a coach I have a responsibility to each player to improve their softball fundamentals to the highest level they are willing to work for.  Sportsmanship, Self-Respect and Team Cohesion are a must.  Each player represents themselves; they represent their coach and team each time they put their uniform on.  These are just a few of my lessons and expectations.   My goals are to prepare each player for the next level of softball.  This will lead to a fun and competitive experience not only during practice but during games.  With that always in mind, our tournaments will lead to a winning season.  I believe that every game, win or lose, is learning opportunity.


Now about myself. I played youth baseball and high school ball in the late 80’s.  From 1986-1997 I proudly service in the US Navy.  I coached and assisted coaches in numerous areas in youth baseball and softball as well as coaching and playing coed softball during my service.  Returning home from the Navy, I continued to play coed softball and coach little league in the Kelso/Longview area.  I then started coaching and assisting in all manners of the game in the Castle Rock area.   I am known for my loud and very supportive voice in the stands.  I have been called the team cheerleader on many occasions.  I do this because I want the girls to have the best experience possible and I am looking forward to getting back into the coaching role.   I currently work as a Firefighter Paramedic  and am an instructor in many areas, I have been in this field for the past 28 years and love what I do. 

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