HEAD COACH:  Tyson Dickinson

Hello Everyone,

I started coaching softball during the 2013 season when my oldest daughter Avery was 8. I’ve always been a huge baseball/softball player (kinda) and fan my whole life and was very excited to start coaching. Starting in 2015, I decided I wanted to manage and haven’t looked back since..managing majors softball teams till 2017. And then moving down to A-Minor to coach my younger daughter Sloane and managing the Diamond Cutters the past two seasons. I feel I have a sold ability of leading teams to success by making sure that the development of young players the right way be at the core of it all. I also managed multiple All Star softball teams during my time at Evergreen Little League. Which I always considered an honor to be able to do.

My vision for Rampage DC is to continue to develop our girls as softball players and watch them grow as teammates, friends, and amazing kids within the Rampage organization. But we want them to do this the right way. Above all else, respecting the game and the fields they play on, the umpires, their teammates, their parents, their coaches, and themselves. We stress sportsmanship no matter what and to always have fun. 

-Tyson Dickinson

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