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Team RAMPAGE is about more than just building rosters and managing games. We are dedicated to developing players to their highest potential, both in softball and in life. To that end we have assembled a coaching staff with decades of experience, years of success with college recruiting and we have brought in young former D1 players to our staff to help with both mentoring and training our players. Whether it is just to be the best fundamentally sound ball player you can be or playing at the college level, we can help you achieve that goal. We welcome all players from Oregon and Washington, but are based out of Clark County.


We will be fielding two 12U teams, two 14U teams, a 16A and 18G team:


**Please arrive 30 minutes early for registration***


Revenge:  Mike Ward

Diamond: Brian Torgerson/Shawn Clark

Royal (2nd Year): Jeanette Blunt/Rob Perdue

12U: David Case

  • Sat 8/4: 200-400 -- VGSA

  • Tue 8/7: 600-800 -- Brush Prairie Baptist Church


Neon:  Wade Wong/Bobby Ocampo/Abbigail Wong

Rise 14A (2nd Year):  Keith Keller/Bobby Boltz/Kevin Mattson

  • Sat 7/28: 1000-100  -- Hockinson HS

  • Thu 8/2: 600-800 -- Prairie HS

  • Sat 8/4: 1000-1200 -- VGSA


Coaches:  Tim Searight/Bobby Ocampo/Richard Biggs

  • Tue 7/31: 600-800 -- Hockinson HS

  • Sat 8/4: 1200-200  -- VGSA

    • Pitchers/Catcher please plan on staying until 230​

Please email with any questions that you have.

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